Write That Down! Escríbelo!!



Time and time again, we find passages and quotes in our books that stand alone, outside of the story. Quotes that move/inspire/teach/humor/touch us. Quotes that have us saying “Write that down!”

We want to share those moments with you.

And to kick it off, here are a few of my favorite quotes…

Libros 2

Citas de los innumerables libros leídos, he aquí algunas de mis favoritas:

” La Paciencia tiene una energía silenciosa que restaura y fortalece.”

” Nada hay imposible para los que tienen voluntad, empuje, dedicación y determinación.”

“…hay confianza, satisfacción, paz y felicidad cuando se experimenta el Amor Auténtico.”

” La Compasión surge al abrir mi corazón. Veo la belleza y el valor de cada ser humano, incluyéndome a mi misma.”

Quotes of countless books read, here are some of my favorites:

“Patience has a quiet energy that restores and strengthens.”

” Nothing is impossible for those who have the will, drive, dedication and determination. “

“…there’s trust, satisfaction, peace and happiness when True Love is experienced. “

” Compassion arises when I open my heart. I see beauty and value of every human being, including myself.”

Leah Luna

Write That Down!

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